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Dean’s Message

Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, as a centenary University in France, owns a lot of high-quality educational institutions, attracting more and more scholars and professionals around the world because of its superior learning environment. It has an increasing number of students year by year, which reflect its international influence.

The IAE Academy of Nice University in France, which has already 50 years school history, was established by the French Research Ministry under the request of the MEDEF, which is the biggest, the most influential, and the first trade association in industry.

The National Confederation of French Employers is composed of most important enterprises throughout France, which can meet requests to the training objectives of University on behalf of enterprises, aiming to establish local firms as good as American counterparts. The goal to set up business schools in University is to design educational institutions adapted to the developed era, throughout combining the request of company with the strengthening perfect academic background of University.

Therefore, the IAE Academy of Nice University sprung up a series of degree programmes, focusing on some courses that adapt to the request of company, such as Corporate Finance, International Business, Business Administration, Marketing and Communications.

The IAE Academy of Nice University's vision has included Many famous enterprises and industry associations , including work with French institute of certified public accountants, French foreign trade advisory board, French national finance director and management association; meanwhile, the Academy has joint programs with many foreign famous Universities, aiming to help students pursue their personal goals and achieve their career plannings.

The teachers of Université Nice Sophia Antipolis include professors in academic frontier(teaching research ), and excellent professionals.

UniversitéNice Sophia Antipolis has huge alumni networks, assisting the students to set sail! Welcome to UniversitéNice Sophia Antipolis!

法國尼斯大學,這所百年大學擁有眾多高質量教學項目,優越的學習環境吸引越來越多來自世界各地的學者和專業 人士,學員人數逐年增加,彰顯學校強大的國際影響力。》》》點我在線報名

法國尼斯大學IAE學院目前有50年校史,其創建是應法國最大、最有影響的、工業界首屈一指的貿易協會——法國雇 主協會要求、由法國高等教育和研究部成立。

法國雇主協會由全法絕大多數重要企業組成,代表法國企業對大學培養目標提出需求,立在創建與美國企業相媲美 的法國本土企業。大學商學院設立的目的是通過結合企業需求和高校健全完善的學術背景來設計適應時代發展需求的教 學項目。

因此尼斯大學IAE學院應運而生了一系列學位項目,聚焦于適應企業發展需要的公司金融、國際商務、工商管理、市 場營銷和通訊等課程。

尼斯大學IAE學院跟眾多知名企業和行業協會有廣泛合作, 比如法國注冊會計師協會、法國外貿顧問委員會、法國國家財 務總監和管理人員協會等;學院同時與眾多國外知名大學聯合 辦學,幫助學生追求個人目標,達成職業規劃。

尼斯大學師資包括學術前沿的教授(教研力量),也有在 專業領域杰出的專業人士。


Nice City

NICE City, located in south France on the Mediterranean coast, is honored as the "France coastal resort". Nice is the capital city of French Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, the second biggest tourist city in France close to Cannes, Monaco and Italy. Being the second most alluring city in France, Nice welcomes more than 2 million visitors per year, is the second largest tourism sport next to Paris.

Nice has rich cultural heritage with museums, Roman relics, and top-notch opera houses, mixing together romantic Provencal style in the streets. Flowers blossom all the year round, decorating streets and balconies like walking in the fairy world. Nice is regarded as "the hub of the world tycoon". The seaside deluxe villas and brand stores with artistic taste make Nice magnificent, elegant and graceful. Nice City has three main distinctive parts. The first part is the Old Town (Vieux Nice) and ports with Italian features. Restaurants, nightclubs and art galleries enhance the ancient ramparts’ beauty; the second part is the Central City behind the England promenade, which was built in the 19th century; the third part is the Cimiez district where you can overlook the whole city. The Roman and Queen Victoria have special preference to this district.

Nice are embraced on three sides by mountains, faces the sea with 7500 meter-long coastline which makes the city refrain from the cold north wind. Warm in winter and cool in summer is the most important climate characteristics of city. The geography benefits Nice full of sunshine all the year round. Usually, May, June, September, October are the best seasons. In addition, Nice has carnival in February, lavenders bloom in full in July and August, skiing in winter is suitable for play and vacation.

School Introduction
Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) 尼斯IAE學院
Universitaire Méditerranéen:the Promenade des Anglais 地中海大學 Institut d'Etudes Juridiques (Institute for legal studies) 法學院
Institut d'Etudes Littéraires (Institute for literature studies) 文學研究院 Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques(Institute for scientific studies)社會研究院
La Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economiques (College of Law and Economics) 法律和經濟學院
Faculté des Lettres (College of Humanities) 人文學院 Faculté des Sciences (College of Sciences) 自然科學學院
法國尼斯索菲亞·安蒂波利斯大學位于地中海沿岸是一所具有世界性包容精神的綜合性公立大學。作為享有盛譽的教研學府,尼斯大學擁有眾多高質量教學項目,優越的學習環境吸引越來越多來自世界各地學者和專業人士,學員人數逐年增加,彰顯學校強大的國際 影響力。 尼斯索菲亞·安蒂波利斯大學校史可追朔到17世 紀,由法國王室SAVOY王子于1639年創建,眾多重要的法學家 ( 法律顧問和 師 ) 為學校的建立作出杰出貢獻。所設課程,尤其是醫學院課程,享譽歐洲。
自建校以來,尼斯大學總部坐落于19世紀風景怡 人的Chateau de Valrose城堡,占地10萬公頃。尼斯大學共有八個校區 ,分布于尼斯 、 戛納 、 索菲亞 · 安蒂波利 斯 、 芒通和格拉 斯 , 是學員人數位居法國第二的跨學科綜合性公立大學。
At the heart of the Mediterranean Basin, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis has developed a vivid cosmopolitan spirit. The prestigious academic and research institution embraces a broad range of high-quality teaching programs and the privileged study environment has drawn? an? ever-growing number of scholars and professionals from around the world to the French? Riviera.
Université Nice Sophia Antipolis roots back to the XVII century, created in 1639 by the Prince of Savoy. It was composed of an important body of juris consults (law? ? consultants? ? and? ? lawyers)? ? and? ? its? ? courses, renowned throughout Europe, were taught at its School of Medicine.
Since its foundation, UNS headquarters are located in the exceptional environment of the XIX century Chateau de Valrose and its 10-hectar park housing the College of Sciences. Université Nice Sophia Antipolis consists of 8 campuses located in Nice, Cannes, Sophia Antipolis, Menton and Grasse, and is the second biggest multidisciplinary University of France as per number of? ?students
IAE Nice Graduate School of Management

自1966年起,尼斯大學IAE學院已開設本科、碩士和博士項目,致力于金融和管理方面的教育和研究。 尼斯IAE學院開設海外留學和雙學位項目, 和美國、中國、 俄羅斯、德國、 意大利、 西班牙、 瑞典和東歐等國家高校有廣泛的合作,每年都會招收超過400 名來自世界各地的國際生。IAE學院獲得享有國際聲譽的SGS認證, 畢業學員享有強大的校友平臺資源。

學院理事會是學院的重要組成部分,50%成員由企業家和法國注冊會計師協會、工商業聯合會等專業機構代表 組成;另一部分為學校教研團隊,這些教研人員是尼斯大學專注于會計學、市場營銷、企業管理、通訊、人力資源 管理等特定管理科學領域內的講師和教授。

Institut d’Administration des Entreprises de Nice
Since 1966, IAE NICE University has been offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs and is dedicated to research and education in Finance and Management.

Every year, IAE NICE University welcomes more than 400 international students from around the world, and offers several study-abroad and dual-degree programs, thanks to a strong network of international partners in the USA, China, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Eastern European countries. IAE NICE University is QualiCert accredited by the prestigious SGS independent quality certifier and offers graduates the benefit of a strong alumni network.

The Council of the IAE is a core component of the IAE,composed of 50% of entrepreneurs and representatives of professional bodies like the French National Association of Chartered Accountants, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;the other half of the council is represented by teacher-researchers who are University lecturers or full professors specialized in a particular field of management sciences, such as accounting, marketing, business management, communications, human resources management.

Certification and Ranking

Program Mission

尼斯大學DBA教學針對的是具有豐富 實踐經驗并且已經掌握一定管理理論的高 級管理人員,通過尼斯DBA的學習,系統 地表達出自己在工作中的不同視野和獨特 思想,并與更多的精英人才交流與分享, 從而使自己的管理理念得到提高與升華。

尼斯大學DBA培養目標是傳授學員如 何對管理進行更深層次思考的方法。通過 理 論 學 習 , 學 員 可 以 不 斷 的 產 生 新 的 想 法,并且以嚴謹科學的方式表達出來;通 過在學術刊物上發表論文,完善個人在管 理領域的成長價值,最后成就源于自身管 理實踐,同時可傳承與延續并被世界管理 體系所認可的管理理論。

The candidates of UNS DBA program are senior managers with rich practical business experience and management theories. By joining UNS DBA, students can systematically demonstrate their new thoughts, broaden their business vision and share with more talents and professionals, to improve their own managerial ideas.

UNS DBA program aims at teaching students the methods of reflecting on management in depth. With the help of studying theory, students can constantly develop new ideas and express themselves both scientifically and rigorously; By publishing papers in academic journals, students can increase their personal growth value in management and finally form the inheritable managerial theories that originated from their own managerial experiences and accepted by world management system.

Upgrade business intelligence, achieve your own management theory

Bring great minds together, make pioneering industry

Start global perspective, lead competitive advantage

Upgrade core competency, create elite team

Connect research and practice together

Global alumni resource, make an cutting edge of global resources

Curriculum System


前一年半,學習工商管理博士核心課程和方法論課程,學生需要修完必修課程學 分。同時,確定論文研究方向和主題,提交論文開題報告;后一年半為論文寫作 和答辯階段,學生需要參加論文工作坊課程,完成論文撰寫和畢業答辯。

The whole study tour covers 3 part-time years. For the first 1.5 years, students take the fundamental courses and the methodology courses. Meanwhile, students need to determine thesis research direction and subject,submit thesis proposal; the second 1.5 years is for thesis writing and defense, during this period, students should take thesis workshop, to finish thesis and attend the defense.


Domestic Course: Courses are delivered on weekends once a month. The detailed schedule is subject to actual arrangement.


法國尼斯大學集中授課,并參加論文工作坊及國際研討會。 時間為1-2周。
Study Tour: once a year to Nice, France. Dissertation workshops and international seminars will be arranged. The trip to UNS lasts 1-2 weeks.

除必修課程、精修研討會及工作坊外,學員亦可參加由國際知名協會舉辦的大型研討會及講座,包括聯合國教科文 組織終生教育委員會(CMA)、全球工商管理博士聯合會(GDA)、管理思想踐行學會(EMSS)等舉辦的管理類學術 研究會議等,作為課外交流及觀摩活動。

Besides compulsory courses, seminars and workshops, students can also take part in large forums organized by well-known international associations, like academic conference on executive management organized by World Committee for Lifelong Learning (CMA), Global DBA Association (GDA), Engaged Management Scholars Society (EMSS) etc. for information exchange and idea sharing.

Foreign Faculty

尼斯DBA項目擁有一支由海內外知名學者組成的教授隊伍。他們不僅為各自研究領域的領軍人物,有著豐富的教學經 驗及為全球500強公司做高級顧問或為政府做高級智囊專家的寶貴經歷,而且扎根中國,服務中國,運用國際視野投身中 國商業實踐,將世界最前沿的管理思想與中國的管理實踐完美結合。

UNS DBA program has renowned faculty consisting of famous scholars at home and abroad. They are academic leaders in their research fields with enriching experience, senior consultants in Top 500 companies and senior brain trust experts for government. They all entrench themselves in China and serve for China, they devote themselves with international vision to business practices in China, and perfectly combine the world cutting-edge managerial theories with the business practices in China.